Waterstone Foundation

Imagining a future free of eating disorders

Waterstone Foundation logo

“Wow! The website looks absolutely incredible. It’s exactly what I hoped for! The logo is so beautiful. You truly nailed it.” Kim Duffy, Co-Founder and Board Chair.

WaterStone Foundation is passionate and committed to ending eating disorders. They invest in research, hospital programs and financial assistance for patients needing urgent care who fall through the cracks in our public healthcare system. They’re work changes lives. A member of their board approached me to reinvigorate their branding and website to be strong, hopeful and optimistic.

The concept for their previous logo was based on using a water lily; a flower that blooms from deep, dark water. The metaphor for recovery was good but the execution and typography were poor. The mark was redrawn to look strong and alive with a heart at its centre. The heart spoke to their passion and their commitment to care.

Visitors to the new site were greeted with confident portraits of their patients with powerful and hopeful testimonials. Photographer Chris Chapman and makeup artist Jackie Shawn donated their exceptional talent to the project. The rest of the site’s content was designed with a distinctive purple. The colour that identifies the disorder.

Scope of work

Photography © Chris Chapman

Waterstone logo stacked
Waterstone logo horizontal
Waterstone website on laptop
Waterstone website on tablet and smart phone
Photo with testimonials from John
Photo with testimonials from Tanya
Waterstone business card
icons from website
two icons with text below
before and after comparison of their logos