Top Meadow Farms

Delivering quality meat by farmers who genuinely care

Farmer's hands

Sometimes you have to get downright dirty to get the job done. In the case of my work creating a new brand identity for Top Meadow Farms, it took crawling around a muddy cow pasture to channel my inner creativity.

I was approached by SparkPlug Marketing Inc. and Pen Station to help introduce Top Meadow Farms, an environmentally sensitive, high‐end cattle farm to Southern Ontario. Nestled in the hillside of the Beaver Valley escarpment, Top Meadow Farms is an idyllic setting where cattle roam in clover pastures tended to by farmers who truly care. One visit to the farm, and we knew we needed to communicate Top Meadow’s passionate approach through imagery. Spending a full day on the farm, we captured close up portraits of proud farmers, bare hands full of natural feed and a wall of their Royal Winter Fair ribbons.The symbolic photos were used throughout their marketing to tell the story of a farm that stands by its principals of delivering quality meat by farmers who genuinely care.

Once we had the visuals carefully selected, I type set their name in traditional yet sophisticated font and the writer recommended the tagline “Bringing Pride to the Pastures”, which captures the essence of Top Meadow Farms perfectly. I finished this project with the mud stains to prove that you do what it takes…all in the name of creativity!

Scope of work

Photography © Chris Gordaneer

Top Meadow Farms logo
Portrait of a Cow
Packaging lablel
Business card mailing label
Farmer's hands
Consumer brochure
Tree in a field
Brochure and Counter display
Royal Winter Fair ribbons