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Faced with an elderly loved one who could no longer live independently in their home, Charlene Miskolczy saw a new business opportunity and a moving company designed for seniors was born. Seniors in Stride specializes in Senior Move Management and is committed to helping elderly clients with their relocation and life transition needs. Her goal is to help transform what can be a very intimidating task, to a more comfortable and even empowering experience.

Charlene approached me to help brand her new business which began with the creation of a symbol that captured her vision. The design option that she like the most was a hand drawn line that forms homes of different sizes with an arrow at the end. The different sized homes communicate downsizing and relocation while the arrow says guidance and project management. A tagline was written to emphasize the client’s comfort and reinforce the company name.

The next step was a strongly branded website. The site’s design uses the logo’s colour pallet, fonts and a subtle pattern near the edges. For images, affordable stock photography was purchased to support the text. But the site’s text is more than a list of services. It’s content is meant to be a resource for clients where they can find moving tips, a typical client relocation story, and helpful information about home adaptation for those who prefer to “age-in-place”.

With the key elements of her brand in place, Charlene can now focus on helping those new clients and making them feel a home where ever that may be.

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Seniors in Stride website
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Seniors in Stride website