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Renovating an interior designer’s brand


“My new branding perfectly captures our boutique interior design firm. It strikes the right balance of looking professional while conveying my personality with a little touch of whimsy I bring to my work. I was really impressed with the disciplined design process that led to my new visual identity which looks great both online and in printed materials.”Stacy McLennan.

Stacy McLennan is principle and lead designer of her successful namesake firm Stacy McLennan Interiors. With over 15 years of experience renovating existing spaces or designing new build projects, she listens carefully to her clients’ needs to deliver a product her clients love and want to come home to every day.

Her clients not only love her work, they find her a joy to work with. Her warm and friendly personality shines on the television program City Line where she is a guest expert valued for her talent and professional advice.

Our mutual friend, marketing communications expert Yvette Thornley, introduced us, wrote the strategic creative brief and project managed the update of Stacy McLennan Interiors brand development.

While multiple concepts were presented, Stacy loved one based on a reinterpretation of her own signature. A signature has strong associations, especially for an interior designer. It conveys approval, authorship and uniqueness. The hand drawn script was warm and friendly and communicated the personal touch she brings to her work.

However, she also was drawn to a concept that looked like an architect’s seal. A seal was important to her because unlike decorators, as an interior designer she manages the whole design, construction and finishing of a space with drawings like an architect. That level of detail and project management differentiates her from competitors. She asked me if she could have both, so I found a way to make her happy.

With the renovation completed on her brand identity, Stacy loves how it turned out because it lives up to her own high standards of design.

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