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Defining a hydro excavation leader

Logo on safety helmet

“I found the whole rebranding process energizing. David and Yvette were able to capture what we do and its value to our customers very compellingly. They have positioned us a true leader in our industry.”Barry Wood, CEO of Ontario Excavac (OE).

When you’re concentrating on digging holes 24hrs a day to repair essential utilities, what your logo looks like isn’t a big priority. But Barry thought his branding could do a better job of telling their story to their customers. His company had earned an impressive reputation. They were known for their exceptional work, customer service, safety standards and were committed to the environment by recycling the water and soil from their excavation process. Barry approached marketing veteran Yvette Thornley and I to rebrand OE as a leader.

Hydro excavation uses pressurized water and an industrial strength vacuum to simultaneously excavate and evacuate soil. This digging process is facilitated by a large mechanical boom which was the inspiration for their new logo. The tool is depicted graphically as an in–line rule that is integrated into the typography. The rule separating Ontario and Excavac also suggests the ground. A deep navy and intense watery blue are the mark’s colour scheme.

OE’s real story came to life on the customer focused website. In fact, the company’s value propositions are communicated right on the home page using easy to understand icons and descriptive text. The home page also allows customers to fill out a quote easily or make a call to their 24 hotline. Dramatic, blue tinted photography of the hydro excavation process completes the visual impact of the site

Scope of work

Photography © Per Kristiansen

Ontario Excavac colour logo
Before and After logos
Ontario Excavac white logo on light blue background
Ontario Excavac white logo on navy blue background
Ontario Excavac colour logo on safety helmet
photo of workers hydro excavating
Two Ontario Excavac business cards
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