Environmentally friendly soil recycling

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“From the moment I saw the logo design, I liked it. It stood out right away from the other options and effectively communicated the uniqueness of our service offering.” Larry Herman, owner of ISR.

Hydro excavation is the go-to approach when utility or other companies need to access underground pipes, waterlines or cables. The process is safe, fast, and doesn‘t damage the infrastructure. The resulting mixture of soil and water or slurry was typically dumped which can have an impact on the environment and could be recycled.

In 2017, Intelligent Soil Recycling (ISR) opened Canada’s first end–to–end soil processing and recycling facility to recycle the slurry. The state–of–the–art plant decontaminates and separates water, soil and aggregates for reuse. This process lessens the impact on the environment and sets an industry best practice standard for soil processing, recycling and reuse. ISR needed a brand to identify their innovative process and new facility.

The concept focuses on the letter S for soil and the symmetrical nature of the acronym. Two arrows revolve around the letterform to communicate the end–to–end soil recycling system. The arrows surround and protect the S suggesting care for the environment while their natural curves compliments the rounded shape of the letterform. A turquoise blue is chosen to differentiate the company from other soil processing companies using greens and browns.

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