Health Quality Ontario

A treatise on improving health care

Report cover

Quality Matters was a major report for HQO so we wanted to hire a designer who would do something special for us. We loved David’s idea of using illustrations.They make the report visually sophisticated and bring the text to life.” Michelle Rossi, Director of Policy and Strategy.

Health Quality Ontario (HQO) is the provincial advisor on the quality of health care in Ontario. They work in partnership with health care providers and organizations across the system, and engage with patients themselves, to help initiate substantial and sustainable change to the province’s complex health system.

HQO was publishing a comprehensive report that makes the case for investing time and energy into improving the quality of our health care system. Written like a treatise on health quality, it is divided into six chapters such as: Understanding Quality, Fostering a Culture of Quality and Delivering Quality Care.

The design demanded something serious but also approachable so I recommended we hire artists to illustrate each chapter to bring to the life the hard to define concept of quality. A classical format whose grid and principles are ones that Guttenberg followed in 15th century gave the report its serious tone.

Scope of work

Illustrations © Gary Alphonso, Eric Chow, Chris Madden, David Senior, Thom Sevalrud.

Cover of Quality Matters Report
Spread of table of contents
Spread of chapter titled The Case for System-Wide Quality
Spread of chapter titled Quality Matters: A Health System Quality Framework
Interior spread of report
Spread of chapter titled Delivering Quality Care
Interior spread of report
Spread of chapter titled Understanding Quality Health Care
Spread of chapter titled Fostering A Culture of Quality