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Logo on fitness clothing

Given the massive popularity of social media, it’s essential for designers to create brand identities that visually fit the space – from Facebook to Twitter. I tackled the space issue head-on in a recent project for Emily Meisner, an independent personal trainer who uses social media as the springboard to build her fitness business.

Emily is high energy and super positive in her approach. She named her business ‘FIT ’EM’ because she creates fitness programs to fit her client’s goals (her nickname also happen to be ‘Em’.) First out, I created a tweet-worthy company symbol – which could read legibly in the tiny square spaces occupied by social media icons. I combined the letters in Emily’s nickname – E & M – into interlocking shapes to communicate the relationship between trainer and client (the combined form looks just like the stacks of weights used in her programs. Angled slightly for dynamic effect.

Next up, I designed a new FIT ’EM web site using responsive web design – specifically to fit the mobile space. In this new approach, the page design automatically adapts to the differing formats of desktops, tablets and smartphone screen sizes. The new site content features a bio, client testimonials, training content, photo galleries, and the all-important links to social media.

Scope of work

FIT-EM logo on black
FIT-EM logo on teal
FIT-EM stationery
FIT-EM clothing
FIT-EM logo on towel
FIT-EM Facebook page