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“From the first presentation, I knew we had hired the right firm. The transformation was extraordinary! The layouts weren’t just simple and attractive. They were also strategically smart—using our corporate yellow colour as a visual signature to set us apart in the marketplace.”John Lin Quan Zhang, Manager of International Business Development.

We think clients deserve design solutions that measure up to the sophistication of their products. Recently, Asimeto a manufacturer of high-precision measuring instruments approached us to recalibrate their global brand; it seems their remarkable technical innovations suffered from unremarkable presentation materials. For us, this was an opportunity made to measure.

First off, we completely redesigned their product catalogue — employing their distinctive trademark yellow to set them boldly apart from their competition as well as using contemporary sans-serifs to create a unified modern feel. Then we created an internal design navigation system making it simple to find the exact tool the user is looking for. Since the catalog redesign, we continued work with Asimeto updating all their marketing materials. Our client’s complete satisfaction may now be measured to the nearest nanometer.

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Asimeto logo
Asimeto catalog cover
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Asimeto catalog spread
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