Annex Dentistry

A painless rebranding of a neighbourhood dentist

Annex Dentistry logo

“I was looking for something that wasn’t trendy but that would stand the test of time. I love what David presented! It says dental care and is a logo my clients will appreciate today and in 10 years.” Dr Antzoulatos.

Annex Dentistry is a boutique clinic located in the Annex neighbourhood in Toronto. The clinic has served a diverse range of clients for decades, both young and old, who seek an array of dental services lead by Dr Antzoulatos, who patients affectionately call Dr Amy.

Her nickname is a key insight into her patient’s loyalty. Dr Amy and her team deliver a highly personalized level of care that builds trust and a genuine connection between dental professional and patient.

The design process was very smooth because she chose an idea that appealed to her immediately. The concept uses an A as a symbol. It is the first letter of the company name and the client’s fist and last name. To make the letter memorable, the crossbar is replaced by a basic tool of oral care. The idea is friendly and warm while the classical centred typography has authority and credibility. Finally, to personalize the logo, Dr Amy & Associates is added below the name.

With a solid brand identity, Dr. Amy can focus on doing what she does best which is to bring smiles to her patients. Something Annex Dentistry has done for over 30 years.

Scope of work

Annex Dentistry logo
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