Alixandra Gould Photography

Capturing a stylish, personal brand

Logo in a pattern

Alixandra Gould has eye for capturing beautiful moments on film. Those moments can be stylish weddings, stunning portraits or intimate shots of a newborn baby. She is constantly in demand because her work is rich, romantic and immediately appealing. In addition to being an talented photographer, she is also an expert at promoting her business on social media. She understands that her client’s are not only interested in seeing her work online but also others images that reflect her personal, stylish point of view. What she isn’t is an expert at branding.

I offered to help her upgrade her identity which didn’t reflect the quality of her work. We decided that a monogram was the right strategy for a logo because it emphasized her company name and personal brand. It could also been used to identify her images safely that she regularly posted on Instagram.

Using an art deco inspired font, the final mark emphasized the strong typographic contrast between the angular A and circular G. The monogram used as rich plum colour which appealed to her female clients who often make the decisions about the planning and design of their weddings. Finally, I recommended she use a pattern of the monogram, which Alix loved, because it made her look like a luxury fashion designer. She is so thrilled with new identity that it saved it as the home screen on her smartphone–a phone that rings constantly with new clients.

Scope of work

Photography © Alixandra Gould Photography

Alixandra Gould Photography logo
Alixandra Gould Photography logo in cirle
Alixandra Gould Photography logo as pattern
Business card
Letterhead and envelope
Logo on Iphone
Photo of ring with logo watermark
Photo of couple with logo watermark